What does it cost to play a round at Bowen Park?

There are no course fees to play Bowen Park, so if you can get discs on loan from the rec centre, it is free to play.

Can we reserve the Bowen course for a group event?

No. The course is located in Bowen Park, which provides open, public access of the multi-use space.

Is there somewhere our large group can use as a central meeting place?

Yes. Huts located on either end of the course can be reserved through the city, if required. Alternatively, there are a number of locations that will readily support a standard gazebo style tent.

Where can discs be rented?

Provided by the city, discs can be borrowed from the recreation office behind the lawn bowling pitch, accessed through the main entrance to the park. Availability and selection is unknown, so those interested are encouraged to call ahead. Our women’s league has discs available to borrow for the women’s events as well.

How can I get my own set of discs?

Locally, check out Kirby’s Source for Sports (1925 Bowen Road). Canadian Tire sometimes carries a beginner’s 3-pack disc set.  Online retailers such as AceRunners.ca supply a large range of discs.  You can also ask any club member for disc recommendations, we are glad to give you some tips before you buy. Local disc golf tournaments we host in Nanaimo often have disc suppliers on-site for the day of the event. If you’re travelling up the island, check out Blue Toque in Courtenay.

What should I do with lost discs I have found on the course?

Most discs have a name and phone number written on the back of the disc. The best option is to call this person directly and try to get the disc back to them.  Otherwise, please either message us on this website, or our Facebook page.  Please do not leave the disc on the ground or on a basket as most of the time they will not make it back to the owner this way. Unfortunately, theft is a problem at Bowen Park.

What if I lose my disc on the course?

Send us a Facebook message or post the description of your disc on our Facebook page. We will do our best to help get your disc back to you. Remember to write your own name and number on all of your discs!