NDGC Drive to 100

February is “NDGC Drive to 100” Month. To entice players of all ages and abilities to sign up, we are offering up a rare 2021 Japan Open Firebird. To be eligible for the random draw for this disc on March 1, you need to be a fully registered member of NDGC by 11:59 p.m. on February 28.

Current club membership sits at 78. We have 22 tags left from our first batch. We will order more as necessary. We’ve never had more than 70 members in the club. This is amazing this early in the year! Membership runs from January-December annually.

To get your NDGC membership, email the following information to [email protected] plus an etransfer for $30:
name, birthdate (mm/dd/yy), phone, email, address, PDGA # if you are a member and whether you are a member of BCDS (yes/no). Once we have received your $$ and info, we will arrange to get you your 2021 bag tag.

Currently, the club is working hard with the City of Nanaimo to develop more and better disc golf facilities. They are well aware of the explosive growth of the sport, the need to expand facilities and the benefits of disc golf in city parks. A redevelopment of Bowen Park is into the final planning stages. The City also has a few other parcels of land that are being considered for course development.

Showing growth in numbers is one way to help promote these initiatives. Spread the word. Let’s get to 100 members and beyond! Thanks for your support. See you on the course!