Nanaimo Women’s League 2021

Welcome to the Nanaimo Disc Golf Club (NDGC) Women’s League 2021!

This is a new league! We formed in July 2020 with an introductory summer series and have since been working toward establishing a regular league in Nanaimo for women. All women are welcome to join in anytime so invite your female friends.

Either play for fun and casually, or play competitively. Keep score or not. You don’t need to be at a certain level to fit in; we all know there is always room to improve one’s own game and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Drop-in Thursdays in July…6pm tee off, Hole 1 start. No fee to play. (August will be random rounds posted on our group page, then back to regular events in the fall)

Cards will be determined based on the number of participants and random flipout. A schedule will be posted each month and there will be other ongoing opportunities for clinics/events/random prizes/rounds at other courses.

There’s a Facebook group for anyone who would like to connect and keep in the loop: “Nanaimo Women’s Disc Golf”.

We are also part of a wider community of female disc golfers around the island…. “Island Ladies Disc Golf” and encourage you to join that Facebook group as well, led by the one & only Kristy Lee! So many inspiring, encouraging, supportive women all over…we hope you will join in. Looking forward to seeing you on the course!